Frequently Asked Questions.


Q. Are there any hidden costs?

A. No, the quote you receive is the price you pay.


Q. Do you have an assistant/2nd photographer?

A. Yes, I find its always best to have a 2nd photographer on your wedding day, then I can be in 2 places at once!


Q. Do we have to pay extra for the 2nd photographer?

A. Not at all, any extras are already included in my final quote.


Q. Do you charge travel expenses?

A. Not in the Staffordshire, Cheshire or Shropshire areas.


Q. What if your camera breaks on the day?

A. Don’t worry, I have multiple backup cameras, lenses and flashes.


Q. What if you are ill on our wedding day?

A. I have worked closely with other wedding photographers over the years, and if ever needed, I would provide a replacement photographer.


Q. How long will it take to get my photos?

A. Processing usually takes between 2 to 4 weeks, Once done you will be able to view them in a secure area on my website.


Q. Will friends and family be able to view them?

A. Yes, and they can also purchase photos directly off the website.